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Government’s objective is to bridge the global shortage of a qualified labor force in the coming years by reaping the demographic dividend of the young Indian labor force. Under the “Skill India” Mission, the India International Skill Center provides skills training and certification benchmarked to International Standards. These tools can help in identifying skill gaps and quantify the skill level of the workforce. A strong workforce is a tremendous economic development advantage.

Aim to train a minimum of 300 million skilled people by year 2022.

Economic developers attract business and industry to local communities using systems approach.

Workforce developers remediate skills of displaced workers and document their readiness to reenter the job market.

Policymakers and legislators develop research-based policies to inform solutions to the nation’s economic and educational challenges.

Improve your employability skills

Make the rightly qualified workforce available by certifying through the Global Certification Authority.

Improve the employment statistics by enabling the job seekers with cognitive and soft skills.

Attract and grow business investments by providing skilled workforce to the industry.

Bridge the gap between industry and education by implementing integrated workforce development methodologies.

Our Products

  • K12 - Online Curriculum
    K12 Inc. is now coming to India! Bell Curve Labs has partnered with K12 to empower schools and students throughout India with world class online education. Our platform is based on 20 years of leadership in the global online education marketplace. We offer over 500+ unique courses, 100,00+ unique hours of content and 1M + Video, Audio & Interactive instructional elements..

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    Career Planning
    Based on your aptitude and the cognitive analysis Career Planning tool can suggest the right job profiles for you. This can help you in finding the job aligning to your passion.

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    Skill Assessment Training
    An interactive online training system that prepares students for the skill assessments which helps students in improving their work readiness skill levels.

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    Skill Assessment
    The assessments are research-based measures of foundational work skills essential to career success. These assessments have been widely adopted as reliable indicators of work readiness by employers across the country and around the world.

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    Soft Skills Training
    Soft skills are the equally essential skills along with the domain skills. These skills can help you in developing problem solving and critical thinking skills which are must for job success.

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    Test Prepration
    Coming Soon.

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    The ‘Career Readiness Certificate’ is designed to measure and certify foundational job readiness, helping link employers to qualified job seekers. They are widely used and respected as placement and development tools for schools, government and industry in various countries including in the United States.

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