BellCurve Labs Inc. is a team of educators, technologists and business professionals who are dedicated to a common goal: to create greater human equity by making innovative knowledge-growing solutions available to all. We believe that education is a lifetime pursuit and that removing barriers - like cost and accessibility – we can help improve the lives of others.

BellCurve Labs is headquartered in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay area in Pleasanton, California. We have an India office in Pune and will soon open offices in Bangalore, Hyderbad and Delhi.

We aggregate curriculum and learning tools, selecting from the best products in the US market. Then, we localize the products in order to meet the learning and economic needs of our non-US users. Presently, we bring to the developing world the largest aggregation of learning tools ever assembled. Our products will support learning from pre-school to retirement. We call this a “cradle-to-grave” solution – a delivery system unparalleled in the world.

How BellCurve Labs Inc. meets your needs?

Our solutions address the needs of students as they prepare for formal education (pre-K) and they follow the child through life. This includes post-secondary support that guides the student in transitioning either to college or to the workplace. Once in the workplace, our workforce development solutions serve all.


Our Mission Is To Build A Better Workforce.

India is poised to become the world power with the world’s largest workforce of 500 million+. But only 2% of that workforce is considered "skilled". There is a major disconnect between demand and supply of the skilled employees. When a workforce is skilled everyone benefits. This vital match helps businesses thrive, individuals prosper and economies expand. BellCurve Labs is introducing proven tools in partnership with ACT that can help create this match.

Workforce Development - Product Suite ACT WorkKeys is an online skills assessment. ACT KeyTrain is an online skills development program based on WorkKeys. They lead to "work readiness" certification – scientifically anchored standards that correspond with over 77% of all US jobs. These tools have proven highly successful throughout America.

Here are a few facts:

Over 15 million assessments administered in the US over the past 10 years.

Over 23,000 different jobs have been profiled and mapped to WorkKeys.

Over 11,000 businesses in the US use WorkKeys and Career Readiness Certification.

7 states require WorkKeys certification for all students/ all states participate.

Now, BellCurve Labs is bringing these benefits to India and Asia.

Company Profile

We revolutionize the way students learn and prepare for standardized tests. Whether it is with its SAT prep vs ACT prep, students can now take full advantage of the best technology platform (available on iOS, Android and Web) and adaptive / personalize learning methods to improve results.

Cinque Terre
Milind Joshi
President and CEO

Information Technology leader with over 23 years of experience demonstrating Information Technology group leadership spanning global theatres. Recognized Technology leader focused on driving customer experience and strategic alignment across all value chain functions..

Cinque Terre
Kevin Bolden
Board of Advisor

Mr. Bolden has served as the global lead of Customer and Market Analytics since January 2013. In this role, he is responsible for deriving customer insights from HP’s install base and external sources in order to increase revenue, improve marketing and targeting, and enhance our customer experience..

Cinque Terre
Bill Radulovich
Chief Strategy Officer

Bill is an educational leader, community organizer, businessman and writer. Bill has a strong record in the area of social, educational and environmental reform. He has won national recognition in all three areas and has spoken before national and international audiences. He helped to co-write an historic Solar PPA..

Cinque Terre
Archana Sudame
VP Content Management

Archana Sudame (Ph.D.) is an educator and independent college admission consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since earning her Ph.D. in biological sciences, she has mentored undergraduates at UC Berkeley and Santa Clara University, helping them manage their time, energy, and talents to realize their full academic potential..

Cinque Terre
Chetan Deshmukh
VP of Operations for India

 Chetan has over 20 years of experience working in entertainment and education industry. He has studied visual effects and animations from a prestigious University of California at Los Angeles. He has won many accolades in creating visual effects and content for the motion picture, animation and education industry. .

Cinque Terre
Krishan Chahal
VP of Operations for India

Guinness world record holder Krishan Chahal is world renowned memory expert. He is a winner of many awards and author of many books on memory improvement. He is working in education field to improve skills and ability to improve knowledge of the students. .